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  • Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Task Eight – RockSolid & Tenacity!! P2

    Date: 2012.05.24 | Category: Musicians | Response: 3

    It looks like this task isn’t as easy as Summer Sanders and Bret Michaels thought despite it being a task to create a jingle where both teams have musicians who can be creative and original with it… But we’ll see which side will successfully create the better songs though
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    Date: 2012.04.20 | Category: Musicians | Response: 1

    *** THIS VIDEO IS MOBILE AND TV ACCESSIBLE *** The celebrities, models, and musicians are: Katy Perry, Renee Zellweger, Rosario Dawson, Yamila Diaz, Shakira Isabel McBarak Ripoll, Naomi Watts, Leonor Varela, Geri Halliwell, Gabrielle Union, Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, Lisa Scott Lee, Kathy Ireland, Kayden Kross, Kelly Monaco, and Gena Lee Nolin.

  • Dead Celebrity Status – We Fall, We Fall [Lyrics]

    Date: 2012.04.08 | Category: Musicians | Response: 25

    We Fall, We Fall We Fall, We Fall We Fall, We Fall We Fall, We Fall The harder they come, the harder they fall. The quicker they come, the quicker they crawl. Dead Celeb’s coming back with this brand new track. Here’s another taste from our swinging battle axe. You wanna be a star, here’s a gimmick and a style, to mimmick and free clothes to help redesign your image. I feel like the only way I’ll see fame and wealth, is to kill myself the same week my record hits the shelf. All you really need is a record label budget, then watch the machine force feed it to the public. Hate it or love it, watch it or unplug it. Careers disappear quicker than next week’s club hit. You’re just a puppet on a string I’m your master. You’re not cut out to sing, you might as well be an actor. or write a chapter how sex sells music, Nobody likes your songs, they watch your videos muted. Mixed and diluted, polluted trashed will crash. This prostitute music selling songs with ass, I gasp for breath, Dead Celeb pass the test. Music for a living? I can’t ask for less. The harder they come, the harder they fall. The quicker they come, the quicker they crawl. Dead Celeb’s coming back with this brand new track. Here’s another taste from our swinging battle axe. The harder they come, the harder they fall. The quicker they come, the quicker they crawl. Dead Celeb’s coming back with this brand new track. Here’s another taste from our swinging battle axe. Fuck mass appeal and fuck keeping it real, I feel

  • Lopez Tonight Celebrity Shout Outs

    Date: 2012.03.15 | Category: Musicians | Response: 23

    A-List actors, athletes and musicians are all rooting for George Lopez and Lopez Tonight… and we’ve got the video to prove it! Lopez Tonight premieres Monday, November 9 @ 11/10c on TBS Go to for more! Follow George on twitter! http
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  • Celebrity Rehabs’ Bob Forrest: Rehab or Jail Time

    Date: 2012.03.09 | Category: Musicians | Response: 26 The threat of serving time in the state penitentiary forced Bob Forrest to face the reality of really needing to detox and get clean. Rehab in prison was not appealing, nor was jail time brought Bob to his moment of clarity. After seven years of being in and out of rehab, that moment brought Bob to be the addiction specialist on Celebrity Rehab. MusiCares® developed the MusiCares® MAP Fund as a pool of resources set aside specifically to address addiction and recovery needs. Named for the Musicians’ Assistance Program, the fund represents the joint goal of MAP and MusiCares® to provide members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial condition. Please help MusiCares® continue with this important work. Donate to MusiCares & enter to win tickets to the 2012 GRAMMYS! ( No purchase necessary)
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    It’s One Direction month on That’s right, and entire month dedicated to the hottest new boy band on the block. In last week’s heat we had an exclusive interview with Zayn, plus a collectable poster for you to stick on your wall/lick. This week it’s lovely Liam’s turn for a probing. Check out this week’s heat (on sale now) to find out what Liam has to say about thongs, chat up lines and willies. But before you go off and grab yourself of copy of heat, watch as Liam answers YOUR Twitter questions!
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    Date: 2012.01.27 | Category: Musicians | Response: 0


  • JADA performs at the Matt Light Celebrity Shootout

    Date: 2012.01.01 | Category: Musicians | Response: 27

    We had a great time per form ing at the Matt Light Celebri ty Shootout! Check out our per for mance of ‘I’m That Chick”. Jada – Four extraordinary singers united by a common goal, Jada is the latest iteration of the classic female vocal group. These young divas are the real deal with their powerhouse vocals, soulful and spohisticated harmonies, gospel infused ballads and infectious grooves exploding in a bold and funky mix of pop/r&b. Jada has released three singles through Universal Motown and has shared the stage with Akon, The Black Eyed Peas, Ciara, Sean Kingston, Boyz II Men and Flo Rida to name a few.
    Video Rating: 5 / 5 – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Justin Bieber made the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. Find out where he ranks compared to other stars. It’s up next. Hey hey! How’s it going? Thanks for tuning into theshow. I’m your host Dana Ward and the 2011 Forbes Celebrity 100 list just got announced. It’s filled with actors, reality stars, athletes, musicians and more, and one of the youngest people on the entire list made the Top 10. Justin Bieber earned the number-3 spot just behind Oprah and the number-1 pro, Lady Gaga. Counting up, U2, Elton John, Tiger Woods, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Simon Cowell and LeBron James completed the Celebrity 100 list. Keep in mind that it’s not just about money, people. Forbes determines the list based on other categories related to tv/radio, press, web and social rankings. So now that you’ve heard Justin Bieber got the 3-spot and Taylor Swift got number-7 for the year, what other young stars do you think might make the Top 10 next year? Leave your best guess right here, and for more entertainment news, be sure to follow us at Dana Ward here in Hollywood and we’ll see you soon!

  • Inside Celebrity Makeup Artist Mary Klimek’s Beauty Bag

    Date: 2011.12.30 | Category: Musicians | Response: 2

    She’s styled Sandra Bullock, Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Wilde and other top celebrities, musicians and athletes. Finally, BellaTV turns the cameras on Mary Klimek to see what her makeup must-haves are as we take a peek at her beauty staples. Check out why she loves Lucas PaPaw Ointment, Benefit Cosmetics, and the Kanebo Sensai collection.
    Video Rating: 4 / 5 Dial M Productions – Game Shows – Game Shows Motivate your staff with innovative corporate team-building games, offered by Dial M Productions. Our proven format inspires and unifies teams. With over 97 techniques and exercises, these novel corporate team-building games encourage participation and spark creativity-with plenty of laughs! We’ll personalize any event, so your goals are reached. Step out of the box with unique corporate team-building games like these: comedy mentalism show, improvisational games, Vegas casino events, take-offs on The Apprentice Show and The Weakest Link Game Show, among numerous others. Does your company need a morale boost? Energize them with Dial M Productions is Los Angeles’ premier entertainment event planning company for interactive events. We offer team building workshops, live bands, murder mysteries, DJ’s, karaoke, inflatable games and attractions, celebrity look-a-likes, and several theme events. All parties are fast paced, comedy driven, personalized and designed around your event. Personalized scripts, live music, full scale productions, combined with the popular style of interactive theater, designed to accomplish your goals. Dial M Productions hires only the most talented, professional, Union actors and musicians in Los Angeles. By combining the best talent, live musical scores and professional writers and directors, we can create private parties that will entertain your guests during

  • How to Become Famous | How do I become a Celebrity

    Date: 2011.11.28 | Category: Musicians | Response: 0

    This is a video trailer for the e-book ” Next Online Celebrity ” by Al Walser. The e-book can be downloaded here: The most important things you need to know to become famous. Tips that everyone wanting to become a celebrity should keep in mind. Becoming a famous singer, actor,reality tv star or simply an entertainment figure, needs more persistency than actual talent. Always wanted to become famous and asked yourself How can I become a celebrity ? Becoming famous is easier than you think, there’s various methods achieving that goal as long as you remember that it’s not the most talented that will succeed, but rather the most persistent! Keep that in mind already. Really good step by step guides on how to become famous rarely exist. In any event, they should only taken into consideration from people that have direct access to the entertainment industry as there’s plenty of people that will just tell you anything they beliefe, but yet have never even personally spoken to industry insiders.One of the currently most known entertainment gurus is Grammy voting member and Hollywood insider Al Walser. His team at Cut the Bull Entertainment have analyzed the new ways of becoming famous. You’ve heard of the famous athletes, famous politicians, famous cooks, famous artists, famous musicans, famous actors etc. Their e-book ” Next Online Celebrity ” focuses on how to be famous – how do you get famous – how to be a celebrity in today’s new entertainment
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    TORONTO – The first-ever Juno Hoops celebrity basketball game in support of MusiCounts, Canada’s national music education charity, will take place at Ryerson’s Kerr Hall Gymnasium on Monday, March 21. As part of the 40th Anniversary of the Juno Awards, two teams of acclaimed Canadian musicians and athletes will compete for the inaugural Juno Hoops trophy, complemented by musical performances. Ryerson Rams players Ashley MacDonald, Alexandrea Tkaczyk, Jordon Gauthier and Bjorn Michaelsen will participate in the game, while Ryerson coaches Roy Rana and Charles Kissi will coach the celebrity squads. Celebrity Players: Donovan Bailey, three-time World champion and Olympic double gold medalist sprinter Max Kerman, lead singer of The Arkells Glenn Lewis, Grammy nominated and Juno Award winner Best R&B/Soul Recording (2002) JE Skeets & Tas Melas, co-hosts of The Basketball Jones Show on The Score DJ Future the Prince, Drake’s official tour DJ Skratch Bastid, first DJ to be nominated for a Juno (Producer of the Year, 2008) Ray Robinson, former R&B/Soul Juno Award nominee Will Strickland, former professional player and UMAC president Dwayne Morgan, award-winning spoken word poet DJ Doc, Kardinal Offishall’s official tour DJ and programmer on CHRY 105.5 FM Devo Brown, media personality Michael Grange, Globe and Mail writer, author of Basketball’s Greatest Stars Dwayne Pitt, MAS Band bandleader (2009 Scotiabank Caribana Band of the Yearwinner) Aion Clarke, Toronto R&B star Adam

  • Big Bad Celebrity – Blacka T

    Date: 2011.07.15 | Category: Musicians | Response: 1

    From the lp Good Musicians – Message (Rockers), 1988 Original Press Produced by: Haile Selassie I, I & I Father Co-Arranged & Produced by: Augustus Pablo Engineered by: (among others) Soljie & Sylvan Morris Ruff tune from mr. T celebrating Dj’s famous hits. Mis-credited as Blacka P. on label Enjoy this great dj from Strictly Sound lp’s Collection

    Patrick Lew’s Band is a local American hard rock band, founded in San Francisco, California in 2001. Although some sources list the solo rock band’s formation around 1999. While mainly known and recognized in their hometown in the independent music scene, they are often consistently promoting their recordings and information via Internet on websites such as MySpace and Soundclick. The band and its music is known for eccentricity style-wise, writing songs using unconventional storytelling and theme, and often is very informative in presenting their stories and experiences as local musicians on various websites. Much of Patrick Lew’s Band’s musical exposure and revenue came through limited public appearances promotion and performing-wise, and mainly through a do-it-yourself approach to marketing, hyping and promotion via Internet. The band can be seen as the solo project for San Franciscan Asian American musician, artist and Internet celebrity Patrick Lew. His musical genre and focus can be best described as a fusion of contemporary punk and late 80′s/early 90′s hard rock, with songwriting ideas discussing self-examination and social issues.
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