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    Interesting facts and information about the rich culture and history of traditional music in China

    Music in China has been almost as old as the Chinese civilization. The documents and the many work of arts suggests that there survived a well developed melodic environment during the Zhou dynasty that existed between 1122BC – 256BC.  It is believed that the founder of ancient Chinese music was Ling Lun. Ling Lun is credited to have made the first bamboo pipes that were tuned to the sounds of the birds. He is believed to have prepared a set of twelve flutes with twelve different tones. These twelve tones later was the basis on which the music was made.

    The earliest documented piece of Music in China

    The earliest piece of music in China known to be written is Youlan or the solitary orchid. Though Qin, a Chinese instrument was being used since the earlier era, the first identified well- documented Chinese music was for the Qin during the reign of Tang. Archeologists have even discovered the world’s oldest playing flute in China.

    Music during the Dynasty age

    Between the dynasty era of 1122 BC and 1911, ancient Chinese music was given due importance and developed to grow to the present status of popularity that it enjoys today. In ancient China, music was seen as an accord and as a prolonged existence of any particular state. During the Qin dynasty Imperial Music Bureau was established and recognized. This bureau went on to acquire a whole lot of importance under the emperor Han Wu Di. The responsibilities of the bureau included over looking of court music, military music and shaping the future of folk music.

    Traditional Musical Instrument

    Traditional Chinese musical instruments are usually separated into four parts; they are plucked instruments, stringed instruments, percussion and wind instruments. Some of these traditional musical instruments have been a very important part of Chinese music since the ancient times are. They are the Sheng, Pipa, Yue Qin, Di-Zi, and hand drum.

    Pipa or lute has been equally popular among the royalties as well as the commoners. Pipa occupied a place of importance in any orchestra or opera. It later underwent lots of improvement in the structure as well as the playing techniques. Huqin was an instrument introduced from the western region. New versions are now made and were an important part of playing the Beijing opera. The flute too has an interesting origin. The first flute was made almost seven thousand years ago of bone. Later, these flutes were made of bamboo that even the commoners could play. The sound of the flutes surely reminds people of a farmer riding pillion on a bull playing a piano.

    Music continues to play an important role in Chinese society even today in form of rich, conventional ancient inheritance and also in the present-day structure.

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